The largest city on the Swordcoast and a regional trade hub.
Population 500,000+
65% Human, 15% Dwarves, 5% Gnomes, 2% Halfling, 3% Elven and Mixed, 10% Other

The Lords of Waterdeep rule over a large stretch of land known as the Protectorate of Waterdeep. This region includes many large towns. The city of Goldfields is independent yet protected by Waterdeep. The Wateravian Army is one of the largest and best equipped. The Navy is also strong. The harbour is protected by a massive seawall and gate. A merfolk village in the harbour will also protect the city if needed. The city is ruled by the Seven Masked Lords. The city spreads between the harbour along the coast and around Mount Melair (old Waterdeep Mtn).

h3. Locations

Dock Ward: A melting pot of races and cultures. Here ships from across the world make port. The harbour is constantly busy while the many inns, taverns and cafes along Dock Street never seem to close. A place that is often rowdy but never boring.

  • Dock Street
  • Taverns (Thieves Guild hangout The Old Crow)
  • Inns
  • Harbour
  • Shipwright
  • Cafes (many types of food) (Triton run Sea Cow Cafe)

Traders Ward: The main Ward for various shops and more mid range Inns and restaurants. There is also a Way Temple.

  • Many different stores, Way Temple.

Downshadow: A Dwarf and Gnome Quarter in the upper passages of the Mountain. The main centre is a large open cavern with many old stone shops, taverns and inns. One of the most interesting places in Waterdeep. There are a number of Gnome and Dwarf Guilds located here as well as artificer shops.

  • Taverns, Inns, Passage to Undermountain, Artificer Shops, Guild Halls
  • Winking Gnome Tavern (thief haunt)

Northward: Noble Quarter

Sea Ward: Field of Triumph Stadium, Many Temples

South Ward: Poor Quarter

Central Ward: Embassies, Middle Class Quarter

Castle Ward: Waterdeep Castle, Government Buildings, Lords Park

Undermountain: Old Mines

Merfolk Village

Seven Lords

  • Lycia Silverhand (M Human, Old Wealthy Family)
  • Gruthgar Dowershield (M Dwarf, “Mayor” of Downshadow)
  • Kessa Marenthia (F Human, Mercantile Family)
  • Zelina Quell (F Half Elf, Shop owner)


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