Sheriff Ros

Sheriff @ River Crossing


A laconic, clean shaven and slim human. Looks dangerous with a 1000-yard stare. Wears a dusty coat and has a long sword at his side.
Age 38

STR +3 DEX +3 CON +2 INT 0 WIS +2 CHA +1

HP 43
AC 15
Attack 5 (1d83) (crit 19/20)

Action Surge

Athletics +5
Insight +4
Intimidation +3
Precepetion +4


Formally a military officer for the lords of Waterdeep. Gave up that life and moved home to the west. Often found either in the tavern or office. Does not tolerate fighting in town. Turns a blind eye to minor crimes so long as the peace is kept.

Sheriff Ros

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